Wi-Fi and Wired Internet Access

We understand how important internet is to hotel guests and what a few hours of bad connectivity can do to their work. We strive to bring to uninterrupted high speed wireless and wired internet into their little getaways from home. Speed and reliability are the things we focus on to make your guest’s stay away from home pleasant.

Today’s travelers expect Wi-Fi in every hotel. The quality of the Internet service exerts influence on their satisfaction, desire to come back, and overall Hotel review rating. Your Hotel Wi-Fi should provide high quality browsing experience on high bandwidth consumers like iPad’s, as well as on laptops and smartphones.

An ideal hotel requires-

  • Strong IT and Telecom infrastructure
  • Fair traffic management
  • Easy to mange
  • Scalable for future needs of guest technology, in room entertainment and supports hotel operational needs.
  • Best quality service and support helps hotel generate bigger revenue
  • Live network monitoring
  • 24/7 dedicated technical support

All this can be achieved with our state of the art technology, Fiber to the Room. One optical fiber cable will reach the room instead of all conventional copper cable. One single fiber cable, which is an unlimited capacity carrier, can be used to deploy services such as IP Telephony, Data Fast Ethernet, Wi-Fi, IP-TV, IP surveillance and much more.

The same technology can be used in fully automated smart rooms for light control for energy conservation, motion sensor lighting in public utility, in-room curtain controls, and energy efficient LED lights, in room entertainment, mini-bar automation, intelligent fire alarm system and much more.