The Gen Y are fast paced and well connected. They expect and demand the same from their internet connection. NISQUARE TECHNOLOGIES believes in delivering our clients just that. Be it a hotel or a convention center, we assure that you our hospitality services will ensure a hassle free stay for your guests. From uninterrupted internet access to security, we offer you all.

Today’s travelers expect Wi-Fi in every hotel. The quality of the Internet service exerts influence on their satisfaction, desire to come back, and overall Hotel review rating. Your Hotel Wi-Fi should provide high quality browsing experience on high bandwidth consumers like iPad’s, as well as on laptops and smartphones.

Many hotels fail today to provide quality Hotel Wi-Fi because of:
  • Incomplete control, higher level paid service could be used for two weeks instead of one week
  • It’s not secure; guests are not isolated in the network
  • Some guests may use most of the bandwidth streaming videos or downloading, while other may not be able to get an Email
  • Not protected from potential criminal activity, as the guest web activity is not tracked and logged and much more reasons…